Lighten up your Garden with LED Lights

Keeping a garden in your own home is not an easy task. Regular maintenance of the plants is required to make sure that the plants are alive and healthy. But with the use of LED lights, you are already guaranteed to have an easier time in keeping the plants alive.

The usage of LED lights reaches out not just in commercial and industrial purposes but also in the comfort of your own homes. They can be used as a primary source of lighting within the areas of the house. And one way of maximising its potential is by using it on your garden or on your indoor plants.

As most gardeners know, indoor plants require a lot of maintenance for them to grow healthy. Their main energy source for lighting is usually the sunlight but some use fluorescent lights as an alternative. However, due to the introduction of LED lights, people are now seeing its potential and using it as a lighting alternative as opposed to fluorescent or HID lights which has its own disadvantages.

The use of LED lights for growing plants also bring up issues which is why some are still hesitant to use them. Among them is the cost and effectiveness.

Here, we shall discuss the 2 key issues and why you should switch to LED lights for gardening.


Most plants need a consistent source of light which provides the heat. This is the reason why most plants are placed near windows where the sunlight can pass through the glass. However, that is not always the case and some use artificial plant lights. Though they are a capable substitute, the use of LED is more effective and recommended.

Artificial lighting from fluorescent or HID lights can produce too much heat that can cause the soil to dry and damage the plant. The use of LED lights as an alternative is a solution to this problem. They do not produce too much heat that takes away the soil’s moisture and best of all, they do not overheat even when left for a long period of time.


Some are reluctant to use LED because of its high price but it is actually more economical to use LED lighting in the long run. Its low usage of power to produce ample amount of light can save you from high energy consumption and lower your bills unlike other types of lighting. It also does not need to be replaced often as they have a long life-span.

Azz Industries recognizes that the future of LED lighting in Brisbane as an energy source for planting is very bright and it’s just one of the many advantages of LED lights at home.

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Easy Installation of LED lighting for your Homes

LED lighting is a rising trend in Brisbane and all over the world for home and commercial establishments. It’s a useful alternative to fluorescent and other types available in the market.

As mentioned in our previous blogs, it has many benefits that are guaranteed to save you money and time. Its low usage of power to produce a strong light makes it very efficient and prolongs its lifespan. It produces less heat and it helps protect the environment which is why many nature enthusiasts strongly encourage everyone to replace old lights with LED lighting.

For those that are not familiar with this technology, LED lighting is available in different sizes, colors and shapes. This makes it easy for people to choose which one is appropriate for their needs. LED lights are also made of material that is durable that keeps it protected from damage.

These characteristics help in making LED a top choice light source at home. It requires low maintenance and most of all, easy to install.

Choose Where to Install

LED lights are suitable for any parts of your home, whether indoors or outdoors. It can even fit in small spaces such as cabinets or shelves or provide lighting for your entire yard. Unlike fluorescent bulbs, LED lights are not one directional which means that it can provide lighting in all angles. Installing LED lights can save you from putting additional lighting such as lamps or spotlights in your bedrooms.

Getting the right size

This type of lighting are made up of nodes that can be joined collectively and form a strip which can be used to light up long panels in your household. These are suitable lighting for ceilings or closets. Small LED lights can also be used to provide lighting in small bedrooms and bathrooms or can be used as a complement to huge spaces such as living rooms or leisure areas.


LED lights are very easy to install and you won't need to use plenty of tools to set them up. You can install them on your own but if you are doing a major lighting overhaul, you can always ask for our LED lighting installation services at an affordable price.

There is no need to worry about replacing them as their long lifespan will guarantee a long term service. Pricing is also not an issue as you will get the worth that you pay for when you avail of our services

Contact us now and let our electrical contractors from Brisbane help you with all your lighting and electrical needs!

LED Lighting in Brisbane’s Entertainment Venues

It is no doubt that many people flock Brisbane for its glamorous appeal and clean and friendly environment. The city council has been making all their efforts into cleaning up the city and it has paid off.

In fact, tourism in the city has remained stable as one of the top 3 most populated cities in the country.This has also allowed the city to open more businesses and leisure venues to accommodate and entertain both tourists and local residents.

Hotels, townhouses and other venues for shelter and accommodations continue to take in guests and host events and performances.

LED Lighting in Brisbane’s Entertainment Spots

One of the appealing qualities of the city is the fact that it can celebrate culture and the arts with several festivals and concerts. These events take so much preparation and use several energy sources for electrical equipment such as instruments, sound systems and lighting.

These events usually need a power source that will last long as these festivals usually take long hours.

It is highly recommended to use resources that possess environment-friendly elements. Electrical equipment that are durable and long-lasting, consumes less power to function and doesn’t produce too much heat are in high demand for these events.

As one of the leading service provider in Brisbane, their LED lighting services have been very useful as it can be used specifically for events aimed at a huge crowd. Their experience come in handy as a top supplier.

Aside from entertainment purposes, Brisbane also continues to encourage the use of LED lighting as a means of helping the environment. Street lights, car headlights and other equipment that needs lighting now use LED to conserve energy. It is also recommended for homes, apartments and offices.

Azz Industries’ experience in providing electrical services in both residential, commercial and industrial allows us to be equipped for this area of concern. Our LED lighting is fully capable to handle big events. More importantly, LED lighting does not produce too much heat that is guaranteed to be a welcome delight for the crowd.

Financially speaking, LED lights may seem too be worth more value but you can save more when it comes to using it in social events as it lasts longer and needs little maintenance to perform. It can be used in the equipment in events such as spotlights and light sticks that enhances the visual appeal of the venue. With it’s availability in various colours, it can be a good compliment as an additional lighting source for event venues.

But aside from being used in the venues themselves, LED lights are also now used in hotels where the guests are usually the tourists who visit the city and also those who attend just for the festivities and events.It can be used as a light source in hotel rooms such and even the hallway ceiling lights.

This shows an aspect of how LED lighting can serve many purposes. Contact our electrical contractors from Brisbane and install LED lighting on your homes and public venues today!

Go Green: Use LED Lighting at Home

As several homes and businesses are going green, so should you. Environmental problems such as global warming and the constant build-up of thrash that leads to pollution is taking a toll in our society which is why everyone is taking steps in helping Mother Nature preserve its natural habitat and keep a healthy environment.

One major problem nature is facing is our dependence on energy and resources such as electricity and fuel.

We are all guilty of relying on too much energy whether we are at home or in commercial establishments. It is undeniable that energy or power sources are a big factor in performing most of our daily tasks such as cooking or cleaning. Most entertainment outlets also rely on energy. Watching television and using our computers consumes a lot of energy that increases our bills yet we continue to do all these things because we enjoy them.

How LED lights decrease energy consumption

Also known as green lighting or solid state, the amount of electricity that LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting is required to produce is around ⅓-1/30 of the amount of watts a fluorescent bulb would take. In addition, it only uses approximately 85% less electricity compared to incandescent bulbs.

This keeps it to stay longer while still providing a decent source of light. It also does not produce heat which can help in reducing the need to use air-conditioning in a room and save energy and electric bills at the same time.

Using LED lights at home

You can save on your bills if you turn to alternatives. Switching to LED lights is a big step since lighting is a big element in houses and establishments. Most people use fluorescent bulbs as their major light source at home but LED lights is a better alternative. Even though sold at a higher price, LED lights last longer and most importantly, they conserve energy while giving you enough source of lighting.

Different uses of LED lights

You can place LED lights outdoors like in your garden and use them to light and display your beautiful work.

You may install them in your cabinets and shelves in your bedrooms or kitchen to make it easier to locate your storage items.

You can also LED lights in decorating your home furniture. Available in different colors, they give a warm and beautiful glow to your furnishings and the overall elegance of your home.

LED lights can be utilised according to your own needs at your own home. Let Azz Industries help you with LED lighting services in Brisbane. Our team of experts makes installation an easy process.

Why Switch to LED Lights

In the future, more households and establishments will adopt LED (light emitting diodes) lights because it is more cost effective and a smarter solution than traditional lighting. It is also ideal not just for homes but as well as street lights and outdoor signs.

To have a better picture, LEDs have small “lenses” in which chips are placed on heat conducting materials while fluorescent bulbs is made of filaments or bulbs that contain gases. The former is more energy sufficient, lasts longer and environmentally friendly.

Before switching to LED lighting, contact a professional electrical services today.

Benefits of LED Lights

By far, LED lights are the most energy efficient and cleanest way of illumination. Aside from these, its other advantages include:

  • Rugged- LED’s are made of solid materials and does not contain filament or tube that easily breaks
  • Long Life-  LED lights can run up to 50,000 hours
  • Does Not Need to Warm Up- LED light is efficient because it does not require to warm-up compared to fluorescent bulbs; instead, they light up instantly!
  • Directional- With LED lighting, no light is wasted because you can direct the light whee you want it.
  • Unafected by temperatures- LED's efficiency remains the same in low temperatures and even in sub-zero weather.
  • Controllable- You can control the brightness and color of LED's
  • Many Colors to Choose From- LED's do not wash out colors compared to flourescents, making it ideal for outdoor signs and displays.

Make the Switch Today!

Since the ban of incandescent bulbs in Brisbane in 2009, we are only lefty with compact fluorescent lighting, CFL and halogen but their performance left us unsatisfied so its time to make the switch today because LED lighting has superior features amongst all facets of our requirements.

Azz Industries has a team of certified master industrial electricians in Brisbane so call us now today at 1300 AZZ IND (1300 299 463) and speak with a qualified professional today.

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Mitigating Potential Electrical Hazards

Having a safe site is one of the critical requirements for ensuring a non-hostile environment.  When considering safety, you should make sure that the place or unit for inspection is clean, dry, and free of any electrical hazards. 

How do you do this? The key is to anticipate the potential hazards or risks that can happen in your place and then plan a course of action to prevent such incidence from happening. If ever the risk is unavoidable, then having another contingency plan to mitigate the severity of accident is a necessity. 

Dealing with Electrical Hazards and Accidents

1. Hazard detection 

Conducting ocular inspection to look out for potential causes of electrical hazards is always the first step to ensure safety. During this phase, your contractor should be able to pinpoint all sources of potential hazards like infrastructures made from combustible materials, weak ceilings, or sources of water leaks.  

In some instances, installation of emergency warning system could also help premature detection of hazards. Some examples of these are gas or carbon detectors that automatically send off visual or audible sound signals once they detect dangerous levels of poisonous gases in the air. 

2. Hazard removal 

Once the sources of possible hazards are detected, the next step is to craft a detailed plan to address or remove those potential sources of risks. For offices and other commercial units, it is highly advisable to have the plan created or checked by licensed commercial electrical contractors in Brisbane to make sure that it adheres to relevant building codes and requirements. The plan will then be submitted to Australian authorities like Queensland Fire and Rescue Service (QFRS) for review and approval. 

3. Damage limitation 

Despite removing or terminating all possible sources of risk, electrical accidents can still happen because of completely unperceivable factors. For instance, an employee may accidentally forget to unplug the microwave after heating his or her meal or a combustible chemical can accidentally spill on electrical wirings. Both situations are unforeseeable sources of electrical hazards that can invariably lead to fire break-out.  

That is why aside from hazard removal, commercial buildings and establishments are also required to have a damage mitigation plan in ready. Installation of automatic fire extinguishers and sprinklers are essential part of damage mitigation systems. Likewise, putting medical kits on accessible areas of the building is also one way to limit casualties caused by electrical accidents. 

Having a ready-made action plan can save lives and make a huge difference. Though it is better to prevent all sorts of accident from taking place, we cannot discount the fact that there are still indispensable sources of hazards present in all places. 

If you need help in securing your properties from electrical hazards, then contacting licensed industrial electricians from Azz Industries will be your best choice. They have extensive knowledge and experience on working out electrical problems for their clients across South East Queensland. Just dial 1300 AZZ IND (1300 299 463) to get in touch with their reliable and trustworthy electricians today!

Types of Safety Switches & their Use

In Queensland, all residences and private properties are required to install safety switches in their electrical systems. Failure to adhere with this standard can cost you to pay fines of up to $1,500.  

There are several types of safety switch that you can install on your property.

Types of Safety Switches

There are three main types of switches. These are the switchboard safety switch, the power point safety switch, and the portable safety switch.

Switchboard Safety Switch

This type of switch monitors and regulates a specified path of electrical wiring in the house. They monitor the current from the extension cords to the electrical appliances and quickly shut off electricity coming from the protected power points once they detect electrical leakage.

At residential properties, switchboard safety switches can be found alongside circuit-breakers. The device can be distinguished from other switches by looking for the “Test” button on the front surface. Most homeowners and electricians prefer to combine circuit breakers with safety switch for power and lighting circuits in the same board.

Contact AZZ IND for professional electrical services today.

Power Point Safety Switch

You can opt to have your electrical system installed with power point safety switches. These devices will work to monitor your extension cords and electrical appliances plugged in the same power outlet, as well as the electrical wirings embedded on the same circuit.

Power point safety switches are typically installed on the first power point after the safety switch. They are highly advisable for residential buildings and commercial properties with multiple power points.

Portable Safety Switches

The first two switches require mounting and installation. Portable safety switch, on the other hand, is mostly used by electricians for conducting area inspection, repair, and maintenance.

Portable switches will need to be attached to a power board first before it can protect the circuits plugged to it. They are used for outdoor electrical equipments and other circuits where only temporary switch protection is required.

Proper and informed installation of safety switches are required to ensure safety and prevent electrical accidents. The Queensland government advises citizens against DIY installation and encourages people to get help only from licensed electricians.

For a guaranteed switch installation, contact Azz Industries in Brisbane today! They are a trusted residential and commercial electrician in Brisbane who can provide assistance and expert advice on all kinds of electrical matters. Just dial 1300 AZZ IND (1300 299 463) to speak with a qualified professional today. 

Electrical Safety Checklist

Did you know that December to January is included in the Fire Danger Season? Fire incidences due to irresponsible light installations and faulty electrical wirings are common during the Holidays.

While it’s fun to decorate your home with Christmas lights and other electrical displays, it’s also important to think about the safety of your family. Make sure to follow standard electrical measures at home.

Below are some of the standard safety procedures to avoid electrical hazards.

  • Make sure that your electrical products follow the safety standards set National authorities like Electrical Regulatory Authorities Council (ERAC). Look for the labels or equipment registry number and validate its status. You could check it Online by clicking here.
  • For your Christmas lights and displays, make sure to buy low voltage or LED lights. They consume less electricity, so using them will save up money from your electric bill as well. Follow the installation procedures in your equipment manual.

For led lighting and data cabling Brisbane, call Azz Industries today.

  • Avoid using octopus extensions or electrical outlets. If you have to use it, avoid plugging in more than three equipments at the same time. Doing such will lead to overload and fire breakout.
  • Use extensions with automatic safety switches. They will turn off the electrical flow once they detect power overload or electric short circuits.
  • As much as possible, place the cords and plugs away from children’s reach. Putting them on heights and away from high traffic areas is also advisable. You could also use plastic wire or plug covers as protection.
  • Check your fuse box and ensure that it is in good working condition. Contact professional electricians in Brisbane and have them check your switchboards and electrical wiring.

Secure your properties and keep your family safe this year. If you have problems or needs with regard to electrical installation or other electrical services here in Brisbane, make sure to contact Azz Industries – the leading electrical contractor in South Queensland.


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Azz Industries - preferred supplier for "Resort News" publications

With the recent refurbishment of Royal Albert Hotel in Brisbane’s CBD,  (see RESORT NEWS issue # 180), and the Royal On the Park Hotel’s 140 floors of renovation.  Azz Industries are now the preferred supplier for electrical contracting, repairs, maintenance and phone and data.

The most recent works started in January 2011, and going up through to July 2011.  One room at a time, and in some cases one floor at a time, made the renovations quite interesting.  Would we change a thing?  I think not.

Congratulations to Royal Albert Hotel Brisbane, for their piece in issue #180 of “Resort News”. It’s an Historical building in a well-respected magazine.

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Electrical Safety Office urges home owners ‘Don’t do your own electrical work’ this festive season.
The Electrical Safety Office is launching a state-wide campaign this Sunday 30 October with a key safety message of ‘Don’t do your own electrical work’.
This campaign is targeted at home owners who undertake their own unlicensed electrical work and aims to make them stop and think about the consequences of their actions. The campaign features an advertisement that shows a home being destroyed by fire and a fireman rescuing a small child to highlight the real dangers of DIY electrical work.

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On 31 May 2011, the Energy Minister announced a change to the Queensland Government Gazette regarding the connection of pool equipment to off-peak Tariff 33.

On 31 May 2011, the Energy Minister announced a change to the Queensland Government Gazette regarding the connection of pool equipment to off-peak Tariff 33.

From 1 July 2011, pool filtration and associated sanitation systems in domestic installations are able to be connected to Tariff 33 via a socket outlet.

This change removes the need for pool filtration and sanitation systems in domestic installations to be permanently wired when connecting to Tariff 33.

The Queensland Electricity and Connection Manual will be updated to include this change and will outline the requirement for socket outlets to be marked - highlighting the connection to a controlled supply.

The socket outlet provides a simple connection and disconnection method for installation, maintenance and repairs, creating more opportunities for customers to connect their pools to Tariff 33 and benefit from the cheaper rate.

Joint workings with the Queensland Government, ENERGEX, Ergon Energy and the pool industry have helped to support this change and further joint workings continue to address additional opportunities.

Please note: this change relates to pool filtration and associated sanitation systems only. All other appliances connected to Tariff 33 will need to be permanently wired as per existing requirements.

For more information, please see the ministerial announcement or refer to our frequently asked questions.

Taken from the ECA website

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MD 04/10

1 November 2010

The Australian Government today welcomed moves to improve the energy efficiency of commercial buildings with the commencement of the Commercial Building Disclosure program.
The Parliamentary Secretary for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency, Mark Dreyfus, today launched the Commercial Building Disclosure program which commences today. This program is a key step in creating a more energy efficient building sector, with commercial buildings currently accounting for about 10 per cent of Australia’s total greenhouse gas emissions.
  • “Improving the energy efficiency of buildings is one of the fastest and most cost-effective ways to reduce Australia’s carbon emissions,” Mr Dreyfus said.
  • “For every one-star increase in an office building’s energy rating there is an estimated 15 per cent saving in energy costs per year.”
  • “From today, owners of commercial buildings will be required to disclose the energy efficiency rating when selling, leasing or sub-leasing office space with a net lettable area of 2000 m2 or more.
  • “There are more than 21 million square metres of commercial office space in Australia’s major urban areas spread across more than 3,900 buildings.”
  • “This new program is just one way Government and industry are working together to use energy resources, technology and infrastructure more wisely and efficiently.
  • “Investing in energy efficiency today will put Australia in a strong position to implement the low-pollution economy of tomorrow.”
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