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With the recent refurbishment of Royal Albert Hotel in Brisbane’s CBD,  (see RESORT NEWS issue # 180), and the Royal On the Park Hotel’s 140 floors of renovation.  Azz Industries are now the preferred supplier for electrical contracting, repairs, maintenance and phone and data.

The most recent works started in January 2011, and going up through to July 2011.  One room at a time, and in some cases one floor at a time, made the renovations quite interesting.  Would we change a thing?  I think not.

Congratulations to Royal Albert Hotel Brisbane, for their piece in issue #180 of “Resort News”. It’s an Historical building in a well-respected magazine.

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MD 04/10

1 November 2010

The Australian Government today welcomed moves to improve the energy efficiency of commercial buildings with the commencement of the Commercial Building Disclosure program.
The Parliamentary Secretary for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency, Mark Dreyfus, today launched the Commercial Building Disclosure program which commences today. This program is a key step in creating a more energy efficient building sector, with commercial buildings currently accounting for about 10 per cent of Australia’s total greenhouse gas emissions.
  • “Improving the energy efficiency of buildings is one of the fastest and most cost-effective ways to reduce Australia’s carbon emissions,” Mr Dreyfus said.
  • “For every one-star increase in an office building’s energy rating there is an estimated 15 per cent saving in energy costs per year.”
  • “From today, owners of commercial buildings will be required to disclose the energy efficiency rating when selling, leasing or sub-leasing office space with a net lettable area of 2000 m2 or more.
  • “There are more than 21 million square metres of commercial office space in Australia’s major urban areas spread across more than 3,900 buildings.”
  • “This new program is just one way Government and industry are working together to use energy resources, technology and infrastructure more wisely and efficiently.
  • “Investing in energy efficiency today will put Australia in a strong position to implement the low-pollution economy of tomorrow.”
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