Why Switch to LED Lights

In the future, more households and establishments will adopt LED (light emitting diodes) lights because it is more cost effective and a smarter solution than traditional lighting. It is also ideal not just for homes but as well as street lights and outdoor signs.

To have a better picture, LEDs have small “lenses” in which chips are placed on heat conducting materials while fluorescent bulbs is made of filaments or bulbs that contain gases. The former is more energy sufficient, lasts longer and environmentally friendly.

Before switching to LED lighting, contact a professional electrical services today.

Benefits of LED Lights

By far, LED lights are the most energy efficient and cleanest way of illumination. Aside from these, its other advantages include:

  • Rugged- LED’s are made of solid materials and does not contain filament or tube that easily breaks
  • Long Life-  LED lights can run up to 50,000 hours
  • Does Not Need to Warm Up- LED light is efficient because it does not require to warm-up compared to fluorescent bulbs; instead, they light up instantly!
  • Directional- With LED lighting, no light is wasted because you can direct the light whee you want it.
  • Unafected by temperatures- LED’s efficiency remains the same in low temperatures and even in sub-zero weather.
  • Controllable- You can control the brightness and color of LED’s
  • Many Colors to Choose From- LED’s do not wash out colors compared to flourescents, making it ideal for outdoor signs and displays.

Make the Switch Today!

Since the ban of incandescent bulbs in Brisbane in 2009, we are only lefty with compact fluorescent lighting, CFL and halogen but their performance left us unsatisfied so its time to make the switch today because LED lighting has superior features amongst all facets of our requirements.

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