Go Green: Use LED Lighting at Home

As several homes and businesses are going green, so should you. Environmental problems such as global warming and the constant build-up of thrash that leads to pollution is taking a toll in our society which is why everyone is taking steps in helping Mother Nature preserve its natural habitat and keep a healthy environment.

One major problem nature is facing is our dependence on energy and resources such as electricity and fuel.

We are all guilty of relying on too much energy whether we are at home or in commercial establishments. It is undeniable that energy or power sources are a big factor in performing most of our daily tasks such as cooking or cleaning. Most entertainment outlets also rely on energy. Watching television and using our computers consumes a lot of energy that increases our bills yet we continue to do all these things because we enjoy them.

How LED lights decrease energy consumption

Also known as green lighting or solid state, the amount of electricity that LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting is required to produce is around ⅓-1/30 of the amount of watts a fluorescent bulb would take. In addition, it only uses approximately 85% less electricity compared to incandescent bulbs.

This keeps it to stay longer while still providing a decent source of light. It also does not produce heat which can help in reducing the need to use air-conditioning in a room and save energy and electric bills at the same time.

Using LED lights at home

You can save on your bills if you turn to alternatives. Switching to LED lights is a big step since lighting is a big element in houses and establishments. Most people use fluorescent bulbs as their major light source at home but LED lights is a better alternative. Even though sold at a higher price, LED lights last longer and most importantly, they conserve energy while giving you enough source of lighting.

Different uses of LED lights

You can place LED lights outdoors like in your garden and use them to light and display your beautiful work.

You may install them in your cabinets and shelves in your bedrooms or kitchen to make it easier to locate your storage items.

You can also LED lights in decorating your home furniture. Available in different colors, they give a warm and beautiful glow to your furnishings and the overall elegance of your home.

LED lights can be utilised according to your own needs at your own home. Let Azz Industries help you with LED lighting services in Brisbane. Our team of experts makes installation an easy process.


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