How to find your next electrician

When building or renovating your office or commercial building it is crucial that any electrical work is done by a qualified electrician. Not only is unlicensed electrical work illegal within Australia, it carries significant danger of fire, electrocution or electric shock, and can also void your insurance should an incident occur. As a result, hiring a qualified and professional electrician is imperative to any commercial or retail electrical jobs; however, it can be challenging to know if the electrical company you’re engaging with will complete their tasks to a professional standard.

There are a few things to look out for to help take the guesswork out of finding your next commercial electrician in Brisbane.

Your electrician utilises up-to-date techniques and materials

Incorporating up-to-date techniques and information into their work is indicative of a conscientious electrician, staying on top of industry updates and news and ensuring their training is reflective of the industry standard. Utilising new and innovative materials and resources within their work ensures that your commercial electrical services are completed with longevity and quality in mind, and includes the safest materials available. 

Your electrician is accredited with the relevant licensing and insurance 

Arguably the most important factor to look for when hiring your next commercial electrician is ensuring that their staff have the required qualifications and accreditations or are training under an appropriate trade school. Moreover, any professional electrical company will ensure that any trainees are supervised and complete  jobs to their level of skill and qualification, not beyond. In addition to the required qualifications, your electrical company should also have the necessary business insurance to provide you with peace of mind that should anything go awry, they are covered. Finally, ensuring the electrical company you choose to complete your work should be a registered business and be trading under the appropriate and required industry regulations. Any reliable and legitimate company should be able to answer any questions regarding their qualifications, training, and industry regulations.

Your electrician can perform installations and maintenance 

Any quality electrical company should be well versed in a variety of services, including both installations and maintenance. Should you encounter any issues in the future, you want your electrical company to have the skills to service their work, saving you the hassle of having to find an alternative company. Whilst some companies may specialise in certain areas such as solar installation, for standard retail and commercial electrical services, your electrician’s skills should extend to installation and maintenance of standard and common services. 

Your electrician is knowledgeable on a wide range of electrical services 

An experienced and qualified commercial electrician should be able to provide knowledge on a wide range of electrical services, and should be able to provide you with answers on any questions you may have. From basic electrical services to more complex tasks, your electrician should lead with confidence, backed by experience and knowledge. 

Safety is your electrician’s first priority

Above all else, safety should always be the number one priority for any electrician. With the risks associated with the role, necessary precautions should always be taken to ensure the safety of not only the tradesman, but additionally the client and any surrounding homes or buildings. All commercial electrical services should be conducted in accordance with workplace health and safety policies, and all staff should be trained in identifying hazards and controlling risks. Additionally, a quality electrical company will regularly conduct staff safety assessments and offer ongoing training and support for all employees to ensure the competence of all staff. 

Quality Local Electricians

Azz Industries are specialists within the electrical industry, working in large-scale businesses such as retail and commercial offices, shopping centres, and strata title buildings. Backed with years of experience, Azz Industry professionals pride themselves on being the best electrical installation and service providers in the South East Queensland region. With a wealth of knowledge, and safety at the forefront of their business model, Azz industries are here for all of your electrical needs.

Why Consider Thermal Imaging for Building Inspections?

When you want someone to properly inspect a building, you should consider thermal imaging. Normally, for an electrical thermal scan, the expert uses a thermal imaging camera. Once the scan is carried out, it shows each and every area within the building which the expert then analyses to ensure the building is meeting all legal safety standards. So, let’s break down exactly what thermal imaging does and why its use is so crucial.

1. Traces air leaks

When a professional uses a thermal imaging camera, they can assess the temperature differences. If the scan exhibits a difference of temperature around doors, windows or other areas, it’s important to check for air leaks. Moreover, a temperature variation can determine air loss through the HVAC system. This is one of the primary aspects considered when constructing energy-efficient buildings. Contact a company that offers thermoscan services such as Brisbanes best – Azz Industries.

2. Determines Electrical Faults

Thermal imaging is the most effective way to check circuits, loose connections, and any other problems pertaining to electricity distribution. The commercial electrician can also discover any potential motor bearing failures which could lead to overheating.

3. Checks for Insulation

A thermal imaging camera identifies any latent loss of heat which, once assessed and dealt with, can eventually help to save more on utility bills ahead. Once you have a professional electrician thermally inspect your building, they can explain the scans to you which will give you a clear idea of how much heat is escaping from different areas.

4. Identifies moist areas in roofs

Infrared radiation can help to trace wet insulation in flat roofs. This can help to save significant costs before executing a roof replacement project. Since thermal imaging is a non-invasive technology, you can gauge the overall strength of the roof without any other approach. If you don’t check for moist areas in your roof/s, water intrusion can dramatically impact various systems resulting in electrical malfunctions and unwanted costs.


Early detection of problems through electrical thermography can prevent dangerous equipment failure and reduce unwanted costs. If you get regular thermal imaging scans you can rest assured that you won’t have to worry about the risk of potential fires or any other hazards occurring. Finally, as you approach a service provider offering thermography services, you should check for the conditions for the thermal scan; depending on the current conditions, you could move on with a warm thermal scan or a cold-weather scan. To confirm the moisture level, additional tools can be used along with the thermal imaging camera. It may all sound a little complicated, but an experienced technician such as Azz Industries, will explain everything in terms you can understand and will ensure that you no longer have to worry about any potential electrical faults occurring.

Why You Should Hire the Services of a Certified Thermal Inspection Specialist

Thermal Imaging Inspections are widely used to identify electrical system faults such as poor connections, faulty equipment and more. They do this by pinpointing any hot spots that are invisible to the naked eye. When electrical systems begin to deteriorate, they give off heat, that a Thermal Imaging Scan can detect. 

Thermography is also popularly known as infrared inspections – based on sensing the heat produced from an object’s surface in infrared radiation form. Without regular thermography inspections, you may be at the risk of incurring additional power usage, higher maintenance expenditures, or hazardous equipment failure. These problems subsequently result in spontaneous service disruptions, equipment destruction and emergency maintenance costs.

Why is Thermal Imaging Important? 

Thermal Imaging is the most intensive, remote, non-intrusive inspection available. It determines the integrity and safety of electrical equipment with absolute confidence. Receiving annual Thermal Inspections is the most efficient and reliable way to prevent electrical faults, and maintain and monitor healthy systems. Getting thermography scans annually is the safest, easiest and most cost-effective way to ensure safety and mitigate foreseeable electrical malfunctions. Note however, some building infrastructures might require thermal image scans every 6 months, depending on various environmental factors. 

Any commercial property can reap the advantages of a thermographic scan. When done at least once a year you get a far more accurate understanding of the underlying electrical systems in your premises. The test can assess equipment such as circuit panels, transformers, switchgear, and more. Based on the results of the scan, the rescan is then scheduled based on the equipment type, power usage, and the age of your electrical systems.

CERTIFIED Thermal Inspection Specialists Need Only Apply!

By now you know why thermoscan inspections are so important, but what’s equally as important, is ensuring that you only hire Certified Thermal Inspection Specialists.

It takes a trained technician to identify any electrical faults for the two main following reasons:

  • They are not visible to the naked eye
  • Untrained operators are highly likely to incorrectly interpret the data displayed by a thermal inspection meter.

Hiring a certified thermal inspection specialist becomes incredibly vital as they understand infrared cameras, how to properly detect any faults and moreover, the next steps to put in place once the inspection is over. Electric system failures can not only cause severe system breakdowns and incur tremendous financial losses, but these such failures can also be dangerous to occupants of a building by exposing those within the vicinity to live electrical circuits. With commercial switchboards this can lead to extremely serious injuries, including fatal electrocution.

Bottom Line:

Don’t wait for a problem to pop occur and cause unnecessary loss or injury. Get it sorted ahead of time by contacting Azz Industries and enquiring about our electrical thermoscan services. Call up Azz Industries Pvt Ltd today – we deliver high quality and cost-effective electrical services throughout Brisbane.

What AZZ Industries can do for You

AZZ Industries is considered to be one of the leading industrial and commercial electric service providers in Queensland. We have a renowned name in delivering professional electrical solutions. AZZ houses highly qualified specialists who are experts in the electrical industry and can handle all electrical related work with high levels of diligence. We aim to offer practical and seamless solutions to our clients by providing affordable experiences and outstanding customer satisfaction. Ranging from electrical thermographytesting, maintenance, repairs and installations, AZZ Industries offers a wide range of electrical solutions.

Read further to know what AZZ Industries can do for you:

1. Switch testing

There are many cases of deaths resulting from electrical shocks and similar injuries. Electrocution also tends to be one of the major reasons for death cases. It can be prevented only by installing safety switches which act as protection against such electrical tragedies. AZZ Industries get safety switches installed at your home or office which will further protect from any such mishaps.

2. Thermal image scans

AZZ Industries runs a thermal scan of the commercial switchboards installed at your commercial space to ensure its compliance. Thermoscan helps in preventing any case of electrical fires. Also, it will detect any kind of loose connections or wiring faults that may creep up due to overheating. Basically, thermoscan is a preventative measure that helps in safeguarding commercial spaces. It does so by detecting any hazards which may lead to mishaps if not attended to at the right time. AZZ Industries excel in running an overall scan to identify any such issues and to enhance the overall preventative maintenance.

3. Electrical installations

AZZ Industries give you peace of mind by undertaking all kinds of electrical installation work for your commercial space. Not only do they maintain and run thermography checks, but they also take care of all types of circuit installations and upgrades. Apart from these services, they also provide owners with network cabling, machine installations, replacements, fault finding, etc.

4. Emergency evacuation lighting services

AZZ Industries also provide Emergency evacuation lighting services, also known as EEL, which is usually done twice a year to ensure that the batteries and control gears used are working properly. It has been said that EE should operate for about one and a half-hours in emergency conditions and further, the result should be recorded and documented. AZZ Industries also maintain records of such events so that you can have things in black and white.


These were a few solutions that our team at AZZ Industries delivers. So, if you are in Brisbane looking for any kind of electric related assistance, try availing the services of AZZ Industries and experience the difference. This industry thrives in meeting top-tier standards and aims to provide customer satisfaction using the latest technologies available. The electrical contractors of AZZ Industries also ensure you are delivered the best solutions at affordable prices.

Welcome to AZZ Industries

Can you imagine a world without electricity? The mobile phone in your pocket, the fan, and AC in your home, the laptop in front of you, everything uses electricity. Be it any kind of electrical installation or maintenance, electrical service providers are needed everywhere. At AZZ, we are thermoscan preventive maintenance experts and in this field, we will not only equip you with the right materials and design but also with relevant industry knowledge.

What Services Do We Offer?

AZZ Industries offers a one-stop solution for all your electrical fittings and works. We are specialists in this industry, because of our intensive experience in this field. Any large scale electrical work like commercial offices, retail, shopping malls, or buildings are easily and accurately attended to by the AZZ team. We offer a seamless experience which is reflected on the smile and satisfaction on our client’s faces. Our ultimate motto is honesty and commitment to the client’s work.

Throughout Brisbane, AZZ industries are the leading contractors for large scale electrical services. We use the most recent technologies for our clients so that we always offer value for money.

· Emergency and evacuation lighting testing and repairs:

Our experts in lighting services make sure that your emergency lights are working properly.

·  Safety switches testing:

Switches should be safe and sound and their testing should be done on a regular basis. Any fault in switches can be life-threatening. We make sure that your switches are tested regularly and are working properly.

·  Thermal image scans:

We offer safe installation of nationwide thermal imaging scans in your buildings and malls. We provide cameras equipped with the latest technology.

·  Switchboard maintenance:

Switchboard maintenance is necessary for the safety of your staff and clients. We take care of that!

·  Data and fibre installations:

Be it your office, home, or industry, AZZ Industries has a solution for every place. Call us for safe and the best-in-class data and fibre installations.

·   LED lighting retrofitting and upgrades:

All the latest technology LEDs can be installed by us in your buildings with the utmost expertise.

·   Electrical installations:

We offer electrical installations at cost-effective rates.

·   Commercial services:

AZZ Industries has an expert team that work on commercial projects. The services include everything from the design, installation, maintenance, lighting, and alarm systems of your building thermography.

·   Industrial services:

We are the electrical service providers for industries as well. Utilising our vast experience, expertise and professional team, we are able to install and maintain any industrial equipment.

Why choose AZZ Industries?

AZZ Industries are the Thermoscan provides independent specialists in Brisbane, as we deliver professional and on-time services to our clients. We have a variety of clients from industrial, commercial, and domestic set-up. In South East Queensland, our electrical services are guaranteed as one of the best. The huge base of industry knowledge along with professional and experienced staff has helped us to become a leader in this field.

Azz Industries – preferred supplier for “Resort News” publications

With the recent refurbishment of Royal Albert Hotel in Brisbane’s CBD,  (see RESORT NEWS issue # 180), and the Royal On the Park Hotel’s 140 floors of renovation.  Azz Industries are now the preferred supplier for electrical contracting, repairs, maintenance and phone and data.

The most recent works started in January 2011, and going up through to July 2011.  One room at a time, and in some cases one floor at a time, made the renovations quite interesting.  Would we change a thing?  I think not.

Congratulations to Royal Albert Hotel Brisbane, for their piece in issue #180 of “Resort News”. It’s an Historical building in a well-respected magazine.

Contact Azz Industries and learn more about our high quality services!


MD 04/10

1 November 2010


The Australian Government today welcomed moves to improve the energy efficiency of commercial buildings with the commencement of the Commercial Building Disclosure program.

The Parliamentary Secretary for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency, Mark Dreyfus, today launched the Commercial Building Disclosure program which commences today. This program is a key step in creating a more energy efficient building sector, with commercial buildings currently accounting for about 10 per cent of Australia’s total greenhouse gas emissions.

  • “Improving the energy efficiency of buildings is one of the fastest and most cost-effective ways to reduce Australia’s carbon emissions,” Mr Dreyfus said.
  • “For every one-star increase in an office building’s energy rating there is an estimated 15 per cent saving in energy costs per year.”
  • “From today, owners of commercial buildings will be required to disclose the energy efficiency rating when selling, leasing or sub-leasing office space with a net lettable area of 2000 m2 or more.
  • “There are more than 21 million square metres of commercial office space in Australia’s major urban areas spread across more than 3,900 buildings.”
  • “This new program is just one way Government and industry are working together to use energy resources, technology and infrastructure more wisely and efficiently.
  • “Investing in energy efficiency today will put Australia in a strong position to implement the low-pollution economy of tomorrow.”

Mr Dreyfus officially launched the program at the Pixel Building in Melbourne, which developer Grocon says is the most energy efficient office building in Australia.

“The Commercial Building Disclosure program has been introduced to encourage many more Australian office buildings to adopt energy savings design features and become as energy efficient as this building,” Mr Dreyfus said.

The program has received support from across the commercial property industry, and Mr Dreyfus welcomed comments from the Property Council of Australia and the Green Building Council of Australia.

“The Property Council of Australia welcomes measures that promote the energy efficiency of commercial buildings and schemes that support companies to disclose their energy efficiency ratings,” said Peter Verwer, CEO of the Property Council of Australia.

Earlier this year, the Property Council hosted a series of consultation meetings around Australia, feedback from which has assisted in identifying a number of concerns and areas for improvement.

“The Property Council and its members have been able to work with the Government to produce a program that can help drive improvements in the energy efficiency of commercial buildings.

“There is also a process in place that will enable industry to provide feedback directly to government during a transition phase that is designed to assist rather than punish industry under this new regime,” Mr Verwer said.

Green Building Council of Australia chief executive Romilly Madew said the Commercial Building Disclosure program will ensure companies have access to consistent and meaningful information about a building’s performance, making it easier for them to purchase or rent more energy efficient office space.

“The program is an important first step to improve the efficiency of Australia’s built environment by providing a clear direction for building owners and tenants,” Ms Madew said.

“At the same time, owners will have a strong, market-based incentive to improve their properties with cost-effective energy efficient upgrades, which will in turn increase their return on investment.”

Mr Dreyfus said the Government has undertaken widespread industry consultation in designing the Commercial Building Disclosure program, but would support building owners in understanding and implementing the new requirements.

“The Government has established the Commercial Building Disclosure Implementation Forum to assist all parties to understand how the program operates,” Mr Dreyfus said.

“We understand that building owners may need some time to adjust to the new scheme, and the Forum will ensure open dialogue between the Government and industry to help overcome any teething problems with the program.

“Our focus in the coming months will be to educate building owners and assist them in understanding their obligations and to promote voluntary compliance with the program.”

For more information about the Commercial Building Disclosure program visit

Media contact: Brett Collett – 0421 201 954


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