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Easy Installation of LED lighting for your Homes

LED lighting is a rising trend in Brisbane and all over the world for home and commercial establishments. It’s a useful alternative to fluorescent and other types available in the market. As mentioned in our previous blogs, it has many benefits that are guaranteed to save you money and time. Its low usage of power to […]

LED Lighting in Brisbane’s Entertainment Venues

It is no doubt that many people flock Brisbane for its glamorous appeal and clean and friendly environment. The city council has been making all their efforts into cleaning up the city and it has paid off. In fact, tourism in the city has remained stable as one of the top 3 most populated cities […]

Go Green: Use LED Lighting at Home

As several homes and businesses are going green, so should you. Environmental problems such as global warming and the constant build-up of thrash that leads to pollution is taking a toll in our society which is why everyone is taking steps in helping Mother Nature preserve its natural habitat and keep a healthy environment. One […]

Why Switch to LED Lights

In the future, more households and establishments will adopt LED (light emitting diodes) lights because it is more cost effective and a smarter solution than traditional lighting. It is also ideal not just for homes but as well as street lights and outdoor signs. To have a better picture, LEDs have small “lenses” in which […]

Mitigating Potential Electrical Hazards

Having a safe site is one of the critical requirements for ensuring a non-hostile environment.  When considering safety, you should make sure that the place or unit for inspection is clean, dry, and free of any electrical hazards. How do you do this? The key is to anticipate the potential hazards or risks that can […]

Types of Safety Switches & their Use

In Queensland, all residences and private properties are required to install safety switches in their electrical systems. Failure to adhere with this standard can cost you to pay fines of up to $1,500. There are several types of safety switch that you can install on your property. Types of Safety Switches There are three main […]

Safety Switches & Why You Need Them

Safety switch is an essential component of electrical system. Without this, you might encounter injuries and fatalities brought by electrical accidents at home or in your workplace. That’s why in Queensland, safety switches are mandatory requirement for all properties since 1996. What is a safety switch? Safety switches are regulatory devices that automatically shut off power […]

Electrical Safety Checklist

Did you know that December to January is included in the Fire Danger Season? Fire incidences due to irresponsible light installations and faulty electrical wirings are common during the Holidays. While it’s fun to decorate your home with Christmas lights and other electrical displays, it’s also important to think about the safety of your family. […]

Azz Industries – preferred supplier for “Resort News” publications

With the recent refurbishment of Royal Albert Hotel in Brisbane’s CBD,  (see RESORT NEWS issue # 180), and the Royal On the Park Hotel’s 140 floors of renovation.  Azz Industries are now the preferred supplier for electrical contracting, repairs, maintenance and phone and data. The most recent works started in January 2011, and going up through […]