Why Switch to LED Lights

In the future, more households and establishments will adopt LED (light emitting diodes) lights because it is more cost effective and a smarter solution than traditional lighting. It is also ideal not just for homes but as well as street lights and outdoor signs.

To have a better picture, LEDs have small “lenses” in which chips are placed on heat conducting materials while fluorescent bulbs is made of filaments or bulbs that contain gases. The former is more energy sufficient, lasts longer and environmentally friendly.

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Benefits of LED Lights

By far, LED lights are the most energy efficient and cleanest way of illumination. Aside from these, its other advantages include:

  • Rugged- LED’s are made of solid materials and does not contain filament or tube that easily breaks
  • Long Life-  LED lights can run up to 50,000 hours
  • Does Not Need to Warm Up- LED light is efficient because it does not require to warm-up compared to fluorescent bulbs; instead, they light up instantly!
  • Directional- With LED lighting, no light is wasted because you can direct the light whee you want it.
  • Unafected by temperatures- LED’s efficiency remains the same in low temperatures and even in sub-zero weather.
  • Controllable- You can control the brightness and color of LED’s
  • Many Colors to Choose From- LED’s do not wash out colors compared to flourescents, making it ideal for outdoor signs and displays.

Make the Switch Today!

Since the ban of incandescent bulbs in Brisbane in 2009, we are only lefty with compact fluorescent lighting, CFL and halogen but their performance left us unsatisfied so its time to make the switch today because LED lighting has superior features amongst all facets of our requirements.

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Electrical Safety Checklist

Did you know that December to January is included in the Fire Danger Season? Fire incidences due to irresponsible light installations and faulty electrical wirings are common during the Holidays.

While it’s fun to decorate your home with Christmas lights and other electrical displays, it’s also important to think about the safety of your family. Make sure to follow standard electrical measures at home.

Below are some of the standard safety procedures to avoid electrical hazards.

  • Make sure that your electrical products follow the safety standards set National authorities like Electrical Regulatory Authorities Council (ERAC). Look for the labels or equipment registry number and validate its status. You could check it Online by clicking here.
  • For your Christmas lights and displays, make sure to buy low voltage or LED lights. They consume less electricity, so using them will save up money from your electric bill as well. Follow the installation procedures in your equipment manual.

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  • Avoid using octopus extensions or electrical outlets. If you have to use it, avoid plugging in more than three equipments at the same time. Doing such will lead to overload and fire breakout.
  • Use extensions with automatic safety switches. They will turn off the electrical flow once they detect power overload or electric short circuits.
  • As much as possible, place the cords and plugs away from children’s reach. Putting them on heights and away from high traffic areas is also advisable. You could also use plastic wire or plug covers as protection.
  • Check your fuse box and ensure that it is in good working condition. Contact professional electricians in Brisbane and have them check your switchboards and electrical wiring.

Secure your properties and keep your family safe this year. If you have problems or needs with regard to electrical installation or other electrical services here in Brisbane, make sure to contact Azz Industries – the leading electrical contractor in South Queensland.


Electrical Safety Office urges home owners ‘Don’t do your own electrical work’ this festive season.

The Electrical Safety Office is launching a state-wide campaign this Sunday 30 October with a key safety message of ‘Don’t do your own electrical work’.

This campaign is targeted at home owners who undertake their own unlicensed electrical work and aims to make them stop and think about the consequences of their actions. The campaign features an advertisement that shows a home being destroyed by fire and a fireman rescuing a small child to highlight the real dangers of DIY electrical work.

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On 31 May 2011, the Energy Minister announced a change to the Queensland Government Gazette regarding the connection of pool equipment to off-peak Tariff 33.

On 31 May 2011, the Energy Minister announced a change to the Queensland Government Gazette regarding the connection of pool equipment to off-peak Tariff 33.

From 1 July 2011, pool filtration and associated sanitation systems in domestic installations are able to be connected to Tariff 33 via a socket outlet.

This change removes the need for pool filtration and sanitation systems in domestic installations to be permanently wired when connecting to Tariff 33.

The Queensland Electricity and Connection Manual will be updated to include this change and will outline the requirement for socket outlets to be marked – highlighting the connection to a controlled supply.

The socket outlet provides a simple connection and disconnection method for installation, maintenance and repairs, creating more opportunities for customers to connect their pools to Tariff 33 and benefit from the cheaper rate.

Joint workings with the Queensland Government, ENERGEX, Ergon Energy and the pool industry have helped to support this change and further joint workings continue to address additional opportunities.

Please note: this change relates to pool filtration and associated sanitation systems only. All other appliances connected to Tariff 33 will need to be permanently wired as per existing requirements.

For more information, please see the ministerial announcement or refer to our frequently asked questions.

Taken from the ECA website


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Safety switch research

Help us save lives by testing your safety switch

Each year fellow Queenslanders are injured or killed while using electrical equipment that is either unsafe or not used safely. In the five years from 2004 to 2008 there were 25 electrical fatalities. Safety switches could have prevented 12 of these deaths. In other words, nearly half of the lives lost could have been saved.

To save lives, safety switches have to work first time, every time.

Safety switches are electrical devices designed to protect people from faulty switches, wiring or appliances. A safety switch monitors the flow of electricity though a circuit and automatically shuts off the electricity supply when current is detected leaking from faulty switches, wiring or electrical appliances. It has been designed to be tested and the ‘test’ button located on the device differentiates it from the other devices in the switchboard.

You can help pin down the failure rate for safety switches by testing those installed in your home.

It doesn’t matter whether your safety switch is a traditional one fitted to your home switchboard, fitted at the electrical outlet or a portable one; we would like to know if it is working properly.

If your safety switch has been triggered in the last three months, you can go straight to the website and let us know using the web link below by entering a small amount of information about the switch.

If your safety switch has not been triggered in the last three months, we would like you to test it as soon as is convenient for you and enter the result using the web link below.

If your safety switch fails to operate on test, it will need to be replaced. You should contact a licensed electrical contractor to undertake this work.

Please follow the link www.azzindustries.com.au/book-a-job


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and enter the required information by Monday 29 November 2010.


International studies of safety switch test tests showed that safety switches installed in domestic dwellings indicated a very low failure rate based on relatively small test numbers.

The intention of the current project is to invite a much larger group of people to test their safety switch to find out if it works to provide protection for householders.

Once the analysis is completed by OESR, the results will be published in the Electrical Safety Outlook and on the ESO website.

Please give favourable consideration to participating in this important research. Your participation may help save a life this year.

If your safety switch fails to operate on test please follow the link www.oesr.qld.gov.au/safetyswitchtestresultsb and enter the required information by Monday 29 November 2010.

All information is collected anonymously so your identity is completely protected. We only ask for your postcode and data relating specifically to safety switches to assist in the analysis of safety switch performance in differing locations.

The Electrical Safety Office (ESO) has commissioned the Office of Economic and Statistical Research (OESR) to collect your test results on our behalf.

Get further information on safety switches, including advice on how to test it. www.justice.qld.gov.au/fair-and-safe-work/electrical-safety/for-householders-and-consumers/safety-switches.


This emai was sent by Electrical Safety Office, This email was sent by Electrical Safety Office, Department of Justice and Attorney-General, Level 16, 50 Ann Street Brisbane, Queensland 4000 Australia, Telephone 1300 650 662, Website www.electricalsafety.qld.gov.au to aaron@azzindustries.com.au