Diagnosing Electrical Problems Safely With Thermal Imaging

What is Thermal Imaging?

The term ‘Thermal Imaging’ refers to images of objects in which different amounts of heat in different areas are shown in different colours, which helps to identify areas which are warmer than others. The areas of concern are always warmer, which is then identified through thermal imaging. The electrical defect is therefore identified easily without needing to touch the device or the wiring. There are several cameras which use thermography imaging to help diagnose electrical problems.

How do I use it?

Although the concept is fairly simple, it is not recommended that you use this by yourself. It is always important to have a qualified technician with you when assessing the maintenance of electrical installations.

Some more details

Any equipment that uses heavy volumes of electricity needs to have power of good quality for efficient operation. Power Factor is one of the important elements that determine power quality. It is a measure of how effectively incoming power is used in an electrical system and is defined as the ratio of Real to Apparent power. This is why timely and regular testing of power factor correction is so important. These are some of the important elements that should be tested:

  • Electricity load reduction
  • Voltage levels
  • Harmonic content
  • Detailed equipment condition
  • Full functional operation


There is no substitute for testing electrical equipment and installations. It not only prevents costly and fatal accidents, but also ensures better efficiency of overall use. As we just discussed, that is not as difficult as it might seem. Thermal imagery or power factor correction unit testing is your answer. You need to employ the right experts who have adequate experience and capability. Industrial and commercial safety is imperative. The sooner you take steps to secure your installations and safety, the better you’ll be.

Lighten up your Garden with LED Lights


Keeping a garden in your own home is not an easy task. Regular maintenance of the plants is required to make sure that the plants are alive and healthy. But with the use of LED lights, you are already guaranteed to have an easier time in keeping the plants alive. The usage of LED lights reaches out not just in commercial and industrial purposes but also in the comfort of your own homes. They can be used as a primary source of lighting within the areas of the house. And one way of maximising its potential is by using it on your garden or on your indoor plants. As most gardeners know, indoor plants require a lot of maintenance for them to grow healthy. Their main energy source for lighting is usually the sunlight but some use fluorescent lights as an alternative. However, due to the introduction of LED lights, people are now seeing its potential and using it as a lighting alternative as opposed to fluorescent or HID lights which has its own disadvantages. The use of LED lights for growing plants also bring up issues which is why some are still hesitant to use them. Among them is the cost and effectiveness. Here, we shall discuss the 2 key issues and why you should switch to LED lights for gardening. Heat Most plants need a consistent source of light which provides the heat. This is the reason why most plants are placed near windows where the sunlight can pass through the glass. However, that is not always the case and some use artificial plant lights. Though they are a capable substitute, the use of LED is more effective and recommended. Artificial lighting from fluorescent or HID lights can produce too much heat that can cause the soil to dry and damage the plant. The use of LED lights as an alternative is a solution to this problem. They do not produce too much heat that takes away the soil’s moisture and best of all, they do not overheat even when left for a long period of time. Price Some are reluctant to use LED because of its high price but it is actually more economical to use LED lighting in the long run. Its low usage of power to produce ample amount of light can save you from high energy consumption and lower your bills unlike other types of lighting. It also does not need to be replaced often as they have a long life-span. Azz Industries recognizes that the future of LED lighting in Brisbane as an energy source for planting is very bright and it’s just one of the many advantages of LED lights at home. Contact us now and let us help you learn more about the uses of LED lights and its proper installation at your homes.

Easy Installation of LED lighting for your Homes

LED lighting is a rising trend in Brisbane and all over the world for home and commercial establishments. It’s a useful alternative to fluorescent and other types available in the market.

As mentioned in our previous blogs, it has many benefits that are guaranteed to save you money and time. Its low usage of power to produce a strong light makes it very efficient and prolongs its lifespan. It produces less heat and it helps protect the environment which is why many nature enthusiasts strongly encourage everyone to replace old lights with LED lighting.

For those that are not familiar with this technology, LED lighting is available in different sizes, colors and shapes. This makes it easy for people to choose which one is appropriate for their needs. LED lights are also made of material that is durable that keeps it protected from damage.

These characteristics help in making LED a top choice light source at home. It requires low maintenance and most of all, easy to install.

Choose Where to Install

LED lights are suitable for any parts of your home, whether indoors or outdoors. It can even fit in small spaces such as cabinets or shelves or provide lighting for your entire yard. Unlike fluorescent bulbs, LED lights are not one directional which means that it can provide lighting in all angles. Installing LED lights can save you from putting additional lighting such as lamps or spotlights in your bedrooms.

Getting the right size

This type of lighting are made up of nodes that can be joined collectively and form a strip which can be used to light up long panels in your household. These are suitable lighting for ceilings or closets. Small LED lights can also be used to provide lighting in small bedrooms and bathrooms or can be used as a complement to huge spaces such as living rooms or leisure areas.


LED lights are very easy to install and you won’t need to use plenty of tools to set them up. You can install them on your own but if you are doing a major lighting overhaul, you can always ask for our LED lighting installation services at an affordable price.

There is no need to worry about replacing them as their long lifespan will guarantee a long term service. Pricing is also not an issue as you will get the worth that you pay for when you avail of our services

Contact us now and let our electrical contractors from Brisbane help you with all your lighting and electrical needs!

LED Lighting in Brisbane’s Entertainment Venues

It is no doubt that many people flock Brisbane for its glamorous appeal and clean and friendly environment. The city council has been making all their efforts into cleaning up the city and it has paid off.

In fact, tourism in the city has remained stable as one of the top 3 most populated cities in the country.This has also allowed the city to open more businesses and leisure venues to accommodate and entertain both tourists and local residents.

Hotels, townhouses and other venues for shelter and accommodations continue to take in guests and host events and performances.

LED Lighting in Brisbane’s Entertainment Spots

One of the appealing qualities of the city is the fact that it can celebrate culture and the arts with several festivals and concerts. These events take so much preparation and use several energy sources for electrical equipment such as instruments, sound systems and lighting.

These events usually need a power source that will last long as these festivals usually take long hours.

It is highly recommended to use resources that possess environment-friendly elements. Electrical equipment that are durable and long-lasting, consumes less power to function and doesn’t produce too much heat are in high demand for these events.

As one of the leading service provider in Brisbane, their LED lighting services have been very useful as it can be used specifically for events aimed at a huge crowd. Their experience come in handy as a top supplier.

Aside from entertainment purposes, Brisbane also continues to encourage the use of LED lighting as a means of helping the environment. Street lights, car headlights and other equipment that needs lighting now use LED to conserve energy. It is also recommended for homes, apartments and offices.

Azz Industries’ experience in providing electrical services in both residential, commercial and industrial allows us to be equipped for this area of concern. Our LED lighting is fully capable to handle big events. More importantly, LED lighting does not produce too much heat that is guaranteed to be a welcome delight for the crowd.

Financially speaking, LED lights may seem too be worth more value but you can save more when it comes to using it in social events as it lasts longer and needs little maintenance to perform. It can be used in the equipment in events such as spotlights and light sticks that enhances the visual appeal of the venue. With it’s availability in various colours, it can be a good compliment as an additional lighting source for event venues.

But aside from being used in the venues themselves, LED lights are also now used in hotels where the guests are usually the tourists who visit the city and also those who attend just for the festivities and events.It can be used as a light source in hotel rooms such and even the hallway ceiling lights.

This shows an aspect of how LED lighting can serve many purposes. Contact our electrical contractors from Brisbane and install LED lighting on your homes and public venues today!

Go Green: Use LED Lighting at Home

As several homes and businesses are going green, so should you. Environmental problems such as global warming and the constant build-up of thrash that leads to pollution is taking a toll in our society which is why everyone is taking steps in helping Mother Nature preserve its natural habitat and keep a healthy environment.

One major problem nature is facing is our dependence on energy and resources such as electricity and fuel.

We are all guilty of relying on too much energy whether we are at home or in commercial establishments. It is undeniable that energy or power sources are a big factor in performing most of our daily tasks such as cooking or cleaning. Most entertainment outlets also rely on energy. Watching television and using our computers consumes a lot of energy that increases our bills yet we continue to do all these things because we enjoy them.

How LED lights decrease energy consumption

Also known as green lighting or solid state, the amount of electricity that LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting is required to produce is around ⅓-1/30 of the amount of watts a fluorescent bulb would take. In addition, it only uses approximately 85% less electricity compared to incandescent bulbs.

This keeps it to stay longer while still providing a decent source of light. It also does not produce heat which can help in reducing the need to use air-conditioning in a room and save energy and electric bills at the same time.

Using LED lights at home

You can save on your bills if you turn to alternatives. Switching to LED lights is a big step since lighting is a big element in houses and establishments. Most people use fluorescent bulbs as their major light source at home but LED lights is a better alternative. Even though sold at a higher price, LED lights last longer and most importantly, they conserve energy while giving you enough source of lighting.

Different uses of LED lights

You can place LED lights outdoors like in your garden and use them to light and display your beautiful work.

You may install them in your cabinets and shelves in your bedrooms or kitchen to make it easier to locate your storage items.

You can also LED lights in decorating your home furniture. Available in different colors, they give a warm and beautiful glow to your furnishings and the overall elegance of your home.

LED lights can be utilised according to your own needs at your own home. Let Azz Industries help you with LED lighting services in Brisbane. Our team of experts makes installation an easy process.