Safety Switches & Why You Need Them

Safety switch is an essential component of electrical system. Without this, you might encounter injuries and fatalities brought by electrical accidents at home or in your workplace. That’s why in Queensland, safety switches are mandatory requirement for all properties since 1996.

What is a safety switch?

Safety switches are regulatory devices that automatically shut off power flow once electrical leakages become apparent.

Safety switches monitor electrical current going through wiring systems. It works on the premise that the current at all points of the wiring system must be equal with each other. If it notices a certain discrepancy in some points of the current, it assumes that the current is leaking through a hole or fault in that circuit. It will then block off the power flow to avoid the current from leaking further. This way, it prevents a person from coming in contact with potentially harmful electrical currents.

These devices are used to minimize electrical accidents and fatalities. However, safety switches can also become dysfunctional or faulty if used for a long time. You will need to regularly have these devices checked and renewed by a professional electrician.

The Need for Safety Switch

If the electrical current will not be shut down despite the electrical leakage, there’s a great probability that the current will find a path to the earth (or flow to the ground) through a conductor. In most instances, the human body becomes the conductor.

Almost sixty percent of the human body is composed of water; a good conductor for heat and electricity. A person who comes in contact with low voltage electricity will feel slight tingling sensation due to mild electrical shock. The case is different with high voltage current.
This can result in any of the following:

  • Pain in the muscles
  • Severe electrical shocks
  • Burns and scalds(up to third degree for worst cases)
  • Heart failure due to electrocution
  • Death

Operating electrical appliances and wires without safety switches equates to risking your life. Whether at home, in your office, or on public premises, it is definitely a must to have safety switches for avoiding unnecessary deaths or injuries.

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