Emergency Lighting Testing: What is it, and how often should it be done?

Emergency lighting is a standard part of an evacuation strategy for most business premises. They ensure the quick and safe evacuation of individuals from a building in an emergency situation as well as providing lighting during a power failure/fire event. They are a requirement for commercial/industrial premises, (as well as multi-residential properties (e.g. strata title buildings), and residential properties used for business purposes), under the Building Code of Australia, which also dictates emergency lighting testing requirements. Due to the critical nature of emergency and evacuation lighting, testing needs to be detailed and thorough, so if you’re looking for emergency lighting testing in Brisbane, ensure you hire only trained professionals. In this article, we shed more light on emergency lighting testing, including how often it should be done.

What is emergency lighting testing?
Emergency lighting testing is conducted to test and ensure the proper functioning and maintenance of emergency and evacuation lighting systems, including exit lights, installed in a building. It includes testing both maintained and non-maintained emergency lighting systems.

It is a detailed procedure that is carried out by trained technicians, which includes testing lights, making necessary repairs and recording/logging the results of the testing as evidence of compliance.

The test is designed to check the condition and capability of the emergency lighting system, and includes:

Checking all components of the lights, and replacing any defective parts e.g. lamp replacements
A 90-minute discharge test to ensure all the lights will work in the event of a power outage; For this the technician simulates a power outage
Replacing any lighting/devices that fail to work

How often should Emergency Lighting Testing be conducted?
Due to the critical nature of emergency and exit lighting, they require regular inspection, testing and maintenance. According to Australian Standards AS2293.2, emergency lighting testing must be conducted every 6 months. The emergency lighting testing should be carried out by a trained and qualified technician/electrician.

In addition to this, emergency and evacuation lighting are also required to undergo an annual test. The annual test includes the 6 monthly test checks as well as additional inspection/cleaning of fittings and reflective surfaces on all lighting systems.

Why is Emergency Lighting Testing important?
Emergency lights are an essential safety feature of a building as they help guide the occupants of the premises safely and quickly towards the emergency exits in the event of an emergency and/or power failure.

In addition to their practical function i.e. providing illuminated evacuation paths and lighting, which help prevent accidents and injuries during an evacuation process, they also help to keep people calm in situations that can often cause panic e.g. fires.

However, in order to ensure emergency lights function properly any and every time they are needed, maintenance and testing are essential. Non-functioning emergency lights can only aggravate an emergency situation as occupants would naturally expect some form of lighting guidance that can help them safely navigate out of a building. If your emergency lighting fails to kick into gear when most needed, it can cause panic and heighten the risk of accidents and injuries. They can also act as guiding agent for first responders such as firefighters and other disaster management groups by providing them with better visibility.

Lastly, but quite importantly, Brisbane emergency lighting testing is mandated by Building and Fire Safety Codes and non-compliance can result in heavy penalties.

Book emergency lighting testing in Brisbane
Emergency lighting testing is critical and is mandated by law. To ensure the safety of all occupants in a building, it’s important to book in regular emergency lighting testing as required by Australian Standards, to ensure all lighting systems are in good working condition and are able to function properly at all times.

Remember, it’s important to always hire qualified technicians to conduct emergency lighting testing, as they have the required expertise, tools and knowledge of all compliance requirements.

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